Liquid Courage

Find Balance in The Chaos

Liquid Courage is a program dedicated to sharing outdoor experiences as an aid in personal growth and recovery. As long time surfers and climbers, we all have a story of how the outdoors has helped us through difficult times. We believe the challenge nature presents us in the ocean and the mountains is an opportunity to learn, become stronger, and more confidently face the challenges of the city. Whether it be addiction, mental illness, traumatic events or any other obstacle life puts in front of us, Liquid Courage is an opportunity to gain a perspective not found anywhere else but in the playground that belongs to all of us, Mother Nature.

Who we are:


Jake Ballard

I was introduced to yoga early on from my mother who has practiced most of her life. However, the potential for yoga to work in my life was not realized until there was an honest desire for something different in my life. Four years of rehabilitation from addiction coupled with an increasingly consistent yoga practice has lead me to sharing my saving grace with the community. I have found great ground for physical, mental and spiritual growth through yoga, meditation and being in nature. This path is limitless and I look forward to sharing it with you.


Quinn Carson

I grew up in a place where surfing, rock climbing, and mountains themselves, didn’t exist. I felt out of place living in Chicago and it wasn’t until I moved to LA that I found my true self. Pursuing experiences in nature has been one of my life’s greatest joys, and what’s greater is sharing it with others. Overcoming obstacles that seemed too big to face wound not have been possible without the creative outlet that the ocean and mountains gave me. I look forward opening up this possibility for others, whatever challenges they may face.

What we offer:




Rock Climbing





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