Helmets are the Secret to Surfing!

Tahiti World Tour Wrap-Up.

The Frenchman Jeremy Flores, returning from a gnarly face-plant to an Indo reef, comes charging back rocking a helmet and rolling through some sick pits to claim the Billabong Tahiti 2015 Pro. He was in the hospital getting stitched up and the doctors told him that another head injury wouldn't be wise; basically don't surf Teahupoʻo which is one of the most dangerous waves on the freaking planet. And he said F-that. Goes to show you doctors don't know shi....

Anyway, it was a great contest as always, a little poor quality for the first rounds and small overall compared to last year, but the World Tour chargers didn't disappoint.

John John Florence got robbed on a heat with Gabby Medina; his style should have out ranked longer barrels. 

Felipe toledo didn't catch a wave in his heat. No one knows why. Don't worry buddy, we look forward to your air arsenal at the next world tour stop in Cali--Trestles.  

CJ Hobgood is a legend and still charges just as hard even though it's his last year on tour and his surfing can't compete with the new school rippers. He knows this, that's why he showed all of them up by his experienced tube ridding... I'm not dead yet, kids... And we love him for it. He won the coveted Andy Irons Badass Award or Most Committed or something that is way better than second place--he actually got 3rd place. 

Kelly Slater ripped as usual. His best result this year I think. If he didn't have Jeremy in his last heat he would have made the final. But he did and Flores wasn't going to leave without a trophy. Hmmm maybe helmets will be a new fad in the lineup. Yeah. I'm kidding. Go watch the action and get pumped.