California Dreaming

The Hurricane swell helped form dream like conditions for most of the contest. Australian shark fighter, Mick Fanning, won the Trestles Hurley 2015 Pro in San Clemente, California. Filipe Toledo (who should have won) had the most entertaining rides, tweaking out his turns and full rotation aerials.  Hawaiian Carissa Moore won the women's event and almost pulled a progressive air in the final; she was ripping. Kelly Slater garnered controversy as usual, this time with a mind-blowing backside 360 launch that he didn't complete. 

Surfers were over-scored and under-scored and a lot of heats were super close with one surfer barely edging out their opponent.  I think Toledo the Torpedo should have beat Adriano, his waves were way sicker! What were the judges thinking? Mick did an air reverse in one of his last heats, very impressive from a guy who does the same turns--3x world champ turns of course--on a wave, which no matter how much spray, can get boring when compared to above-the-lip surfing. Nat Young got an interference call in his heat against Medina, which was... bullshit! 

Trestles is a great spot on the world tour because the novice surf fan can paddle out and surf right next to their heroes. Good luck doing that at Pipe!  It's ridiculously crowded due to this perfect wave being easy to access. Though, I can't think of another sport where they can be rubbing elbows with the athletes on the playing "field". During the down time of the event, the pros are ripping right in the faces of any spectator eager enough to get wet.