A passion

Founder and instructor Quinn Carson surfs, snowboards, skateboards, wakeboards, rock climbs, and climbs mountains. He grew up in Chicago and at a young age his passion pushed him westward. 

Months after moving to California, Quinn became a surf instructor working for three different surf schools. He became popular because his teaching approach was light-hearted, passionate and effective.  Quinn has since taught surfing in California, Florida, Hawaii, England and Costa Rica.

A passion for the ocean and the mountains is what drives Quinn. He has dedicated his career to finding amazing places where you can surf, hike, climb, and experience all the Los Angeles coast has to offer. After living this dream himself for years, Quinn wanted to share it with others, and the "Eat Sleep Surf" trip was born. 

Quinn is a certified Wilderness First Responder, AMGA climbing guide, and lifeguard/CPR certified. 

Quinn Carson Founder, instructor and guide

Quinn Carson
Founder, instructor and guide